Webcam Buying Guide 2022

Here are five key points to keep in mind when choosing a webcam, such as image quality, viewing angle, and additional features such as microphones. Each brand has different features. Please read the detailed introduction of each point as a reference when purchasing.

The quality of the picture is affected by the pixel, resolution and frame rate
The first priority of a webcam is to present a clear image, so you should first confirm the image quality of the product when purchasing.

2 million pixels, 1080p or higher resolution is ideal
The quality of the image is mainly determined by the pixel and the highest resolution. The larger the value of these two items, the more delicate and beautiful the image will be. However, the pixel and resolution will proportionally increase the size of the data capacity at the same time, so the online interaction will be affected by the connection environment and the computer specifications of both parties. In addition, the maximum resolution supported by different software and applications is not the same, such as Zoom supports 720p high-definition, Skype can transmit 1080p high-definition picture.

The frame rate is recommended to be above 30FPS
FPS stands for the number of frames per second that can be played. The higher the value, the smoother the image. However, the performance of FPS, like pixels, is also affected by factors such as the network environment, computer status, and applications. If it is used for video calls or online meetings, 15FPS is the minimum standard, and 30FPS can present smooth images; and if it is used for audio-visual platforms such as Douyin, it is recommended to use a high-speed capture style of up to 60FPS.

Choose a viewing angle suitable for the video environment
The angle of view represents the range that the lens can map, and the larger the value, the wider the range that can be photographed. If you only use it by yourself, you don’t need a wide viewing angle, but you have to pay attention to the style with too small viewing angle, which will easily make the characters too large and difficult to use. On the contrary, it is recommended to choose a network equipped with a wide angle for online meetings and other occasions with a large number of people. Camera. In addition, some products also support 360-degree rotation, which can reflect a wide range even if the viewing angle is narrow, which is more convenient in comparison.

Choose according to the purpose of use
In addition to the basic camera functions, many network cameras on the market may also be equipped with special specifications or a variety of additional functions, which can be selected according to the purpose of use when purchasing.

Video telephony, online conference: select the appropriate viewing angle according to the number of users
Most people buy webcams mainly as a tool for online meetings or remote work. However, online meetings can also be divided into single or multiple participants, so the required specifications will also vary. For example, a webcam used by multiple people should preferably have a wide viewing angle, etc. You should pay more attention when purchasing.

Live broadcast: It is recommended to use products with 60FPS or above, and it is better to support 4K shooting
In recent years, video live broadcast platforms such as Douyin have become more and more popular, so many industry players have also launched webcams that can shoot 4K high-definition and 60FPS smooth images in response to this upsurge; High-standard products have also become one of the models that have attracted attention. Although such a high specification is not required for conferences or general video calls, it is highly recommended to purchase high-performance products with high frame rates for groups whose main purpose is to record and upload to video and audio platforms.

For monitoring: a style that can be photographed in a dark environment
Some network cameras allow people to confirm the status of pets, children, or sleeping babies in the room from the remote end. When purchasing this type of product, it is more convenient to choose a model that supports night photography mode, so that even in the dark The situation can also be clearly confirmed in the room; and some styles can even transmit sound through the lens, so that people who are out of the house can always grasp the situation at home.

Choose a style with a built-in microphone
Although most webcams have built-in microphones, there are still some models that are not equipped, so you should check more when purchasing. Especially in the case of multi-person use, it is recommended to choose a style with built-in dual microphones and stereo function; on the other hand, if you pay more attention to sound quality and want to reduce surrounding noise, you can choose a product with noise reduction function.

Razer Kiyo Pro 

Brand Razer
Connectivity Technology USB
Color Model
Special Feature Low Light
Screen Size 2.7 Inches
Photo Sensor Technology Other

Achieve the highest standards of streaming with the Razer Kiyo Pro—a USB webcam with a high-performance adaptive light sensor for max fidelity at 1080p 60FPS, and the ability to enable HDR at 30FPS. Give your viewers the pro-grade clarity and quality they deserve in any setup and lighting condition. Field of View 103 degree , 90 degree , 80 degree .

Webcam Buying Guide 2022

Elgato Facecam

Brand Elgato
Connectivity Technology USB
Color Black
Special Feature Low Light
Screen Size 2.3 Inches
Optical Zoom 3 x

Facecam packs a pro-grade lens with a cutting-edge image sensor. High-speed circuitry that outputs uncompressed 1080p60 video without artifacts. App control and onboard memory to recall image settings on all your computers. Up to 82 degree field of view lets you frame your face or reveal your surroundings, while a fixed focus range ensures that you always stay in crystal-clear focus. Optimized for indoor use, a premium SONY® STARVIS™ CMOS sensor enables Facecam to capture extraordinary detail and minimal noise. So you’ll look amazing on Twitch, YouTube, Zoom, everywhere online — in all lighting conditions. Introducing Facecam — professional optics in a webcam form factor. Engineered to make you look amazing.

Webcam Buying Guide 2022

Logitech StreamCam

Brand Logitech
Connectivity Technology USB
Color White
Special Feature Low Light
Screen Size 75
Optical Zoom 3 x

StreamCam, 1920 x 1080 pixels, 60 fps, 1080p, 2 – 3.7 mm, 0.1 m, 78ø

Webcam Buying Guide 2022

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